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Campbellville Ontario is a small community with a mix of residential, commercial and estate properties. When looking for a landscape contractor in Campbellville, whether for a residential or commercial landscaping job, it's important to choose a company with both expertise and experience. Go Green Landscaping is an experienced landscape contractor with an excellent knowledge of the Campbellville community.

What is Landscape Contracting?

Landscaping companies typically offer contracting services that are wide ranging and that vary depending on application. Landscape Contracting is defined it is "A profession that involves the art and technology of landscape and garden project planning, construction and landscape management, and maintenance and gardening; for garden aesthetics, human enjoyment and safety, and ecosystem-plant community sustainability." When it comes to landscape contracting, Go Green Landscaping has a wide range of contracting services that will allow our clients to create the perfect landscape architecture for their property. Whether it’s a residential landscaping makeover or a big scale commercial landscaping project, we have the right tools, knowledge and a team of well-trained and successful landscapers for you.

Our work in the industry has been primarily focused on creating designs that enhance beauty, add value and promotes a healthy outdoor lifestyle. We are in the business of transforming Campbellville Ontario landscaping properties, one at a time, into a haven of artistic balance and functionality. We offer years of valuable experience and a work portfolio that represents our pursuit of excellence, extraordinary craftsmanship and above all, our commitment to produce classic landscape designs that endure the test of time.

Our landscape contracting services combine hardscape structures and naturalistic softscape elements to create backyard gardens and front yard spaces into a product of lasting beauty. Choosing the right plants and proper placement are performed with expertise referring to a large resource collection that examines each plant according to its suitability to the town’s climate, soil condition and its growth properties. Combining the right species is just as important for the success of the project.

Our services for Campbellville Ontario landscape contracting cover seasonal landscaping, landscape design, consulting and regular property maintenance. As part of our pursuit to produce sustainable designs, correct and careful maintenance is an essential aspect of the master plan. We have designs that require low maintenance and some garden landscapes require extensive care throughout the years. Depending on your preference and needs, we can custom design a backyard garden that requires less effort from you while avid gardeners can continue their love for foliage and plants with elaborate and complicated landscapes.

For commercial landscaping in Campbellville, services for property maintenance include lawn care all year round usually covering weed and pest control, fertilizer application and seasonal mulching if necessary. We partner with our clients from start to end. We begin with drafting the design and creating a definite plan from rough sketches. Each project continues to progress in stages always making sure that quality is never compromised along the way. That’s how we care and assist our clients. It is a long term relationship that starts from planning moving forward to property maintenance to ensure customer satisfaction because we want you to get what you paid for.

Choosing Plants Around Your Pool

Adding the right plants on any pool landscaping design will create that balance of color, structure and texture. Choosing plants from tall trees to evergreens and ornamentals is a key feature if the intention is a visually attractive poolside view and a relaxing, soothing ambiance.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or you just need plants for the final touches, Go Green Landscaping can help you achieve your personal landscape design goals and objectives. Professional consults and on-site assessments are available in Oakville Ontario and other neighboring towns including Milton Ontario and Burlington Ontario. We offer expert advice based on important factors that may affect a certain plant’s growth and specific function. Optimizing the plant’s decorative value and uses is the aim for every pool landscaping project.

Knowing factors such as propagation, growth requirements, climate suitability and zone variances are essential when choosing plants for your pool side and deck areas. This will ensure that you’ll get appropriate plants that will thrive year round with little maintenance required. Complementing these plants to your current landscape theme, hardscape structures and water features are ust as important.

Every project with Go Green Landscaping is carried out with utmost attention to detail. When it comes to the softscaping aspects, every plant is matched with hardscaping elements to guarantee that the final layout and output is functional, attractive and custom-made based on your ideas and specifications.

Choosing plants for your pool landscape project requires the ability to choose according to function visual effectivness. If you want a relaxing and tranquil pool atmosphere, tall trees will provide the much needed shade especially during the height of the summer season. We will pick trees that will grow well with the Ontario weather and ones that do not have invasive roots. A common mistake in backyard pool landscaping is integrating tall trees with strong roots which lead to cracks in concrete pool decks as well as to the pool’s foundation.

If it is privacy you want, our recommendation may include shrubs allowing them to grow in large clusters. With a nice thick foliage pattern, a screen or a hedge is achieved without dealing with pesky invasive roots from tall trees or insects that enjoy certain types of trees. Incorporating vibrant colors is possible as well (eg: lilac and red osier dogwood.)  Our goal is your satisfaction with the perfect pool landscape.

High maintenance plants are ideal for avid gardeners and hobbyists. However, if you’re someone who prefers minimal care, sticking with plant types that do no shed a lot is an ideal option. Evergreens are the perfect plant picks for your pool landscape. Feature dramatic effects with evergreens blended with ferns to create a glossy green foliage display and an exotic look that will immediate catch attention.

Whether you’re subscribing to a specific style, Go Green Landscaping will pick plants that will further enhance your hardscape theme and pool deck look. With endless ideas and options, backyard and commercial pools can be transformed into a romantic, modern or a tropical oasis. Ornamental plants can serve as a focal point or an accent to intensify a more natural look for your modern pool landscape design.

As always you can reach Go Green at (519) 853- 2210.  We provide pool landscaping and plant options for all our clients throughout Milton, Oakville, Georgetown, Burlington and Campbellville Ontario.

Pool Landscaping - Water Features

Adding a breath-taking focal point or a subtle decorative piece to accentuate existing pool landscapes can make a lot of difference. Typical and simple pool shapes and designs are enhanced with a more luxurious feel and a magical atmosphere with the help of stunning and cutting edge water features. There’s nothing more relaxing than the soothing sounds of falling water from a waterfall hardscapre structure. A little pond on the side might add a breath of fresh art on backyard pools. Even a simple but unique fountain accent can bright up a dull and limited in-ground pool.

Whether you want to transform an old pool deck or redesign the entire pool landscape, Go Green Landscaping has many options available for residential and commercial properties in Oakville Ontario, Burlington Ontario and Milton Ontario. Design ideas ranges from simple to complex to dramatic with an ultimate goal of creating an impressive poolside view that boasts intricate designing and excellent craftsmanship.

Turn your swimming pool site into a romantic and a private oasis with a combination of custom water features, dramatic lighting and a beautifully laid out softscape features. Whatever theme you have in mind, our team of expert and professional landscapers will collaborate with you to incorporate every little detail and distinction to create pool landscaping design perfection tailored to meet all your objectives and goals.

We offer numerous water features ideas and designs that will make a great addition in a typical backyard pool or a commercial swimming pool and spa environment. Choose from various styles and themes that will complement your current exterior home design and backyard landscape. Whether you desire something classic, modern, luxurious, contemporary and eclectic, Go Green Landscaping has a diverse collection of hardscrape structures. 

Explore the endless possibilities of pool landscaping with rock formations such as natural stones along the patio or a pile of flagstones in the side to induce a rustic and natural feel. If you have an existing wall, we can incorporate a water wall piece where water is cascading over a sheet pattern. Fascinate your guests with spillways or a spillover spa where they’ll see a tantalizing display of water spilling from the top to a lower section. Coupled with correct lighting position, you’ll create a majestic effect at night and a natural and peaceful feel in the mornings.

If you have a limited space, Go Green Landscaping has a way to spruce things up. Get creative with pot water features. Using a unique container, water and a pump, a customized water feature accent can be created to accentuate you space-limited backyard pool.

Water features range from simple to complex and from economical to expensive. Whether you’re somewhere in Georgetown, Milton, Oakville, Burlingotn or Campbellville Ontario, Go Green Landscaping will create a poolscape design plan and make it happen.  Call us at (519) 853- 2210 to book a free consultation!

Pool Landscaping - Lighting

Night time is a completely different world for pool landscapes. At Go Green Landscaping we know that proper lighting and correct placement can evoke a dramatic effect or a romantic atmosphere.   Beautifully lit poolside views and a soothing sight of the still, peaceful water will easily enhance your pool at night. Adding light is not only meant to create a more stunning version of a cutting edge pool design but it serves a very important purpose. Lights around the pool and along the pathways will make sure that guests see where they’re going.

Explore the many ways of how to effectively use lighting techniques with Go Green Landscaping. One of our focuses is to provide additional aesthetic value to commercial pool landscapes in Oaksville Ontario and other neighboring towns. Residential homeowners with backyard pools in Georgetown Ontario can also take advantage of lighting techniques to spotlight a favorite water feature or an ornamental plant.

Adding poolside lights on the patio or deck will create dramatic shadows and eye-catching reflections consequently enhancing the pool landscape at night. Spotlighting the waterfall also provides a beautiful shining effect on the gliding water and the rock formation. There are so many possibilities to create with pool landscaping lighting.

Go Green Landscaping uses night lighting to further enhance the beauty and elegance of custom swimming pool landscapes Milton Ontario. Choose from LED lights or fiber optics to illuminate unique poolside designs while transforming a private oasis into a stunning and entertaining light display. Installing underwater fiber optic lights scattered on swimming pool floors will create a majestic effect at night where lights become like stars as it reflects into the water and the dark night skies. 

Only with pool landscaping lighting can you create spectacular effects at night. Go Green Landscaping offers variations with installing poolside lights. Choosing its placement properly is the key to achieve the desire effect that you want to achieve. Whether you want to on a water feature or cascading water from the water wall, we know how to professionally install the lights. 

Use exterior lights to light up the patio, the pool deck or the rock formation on the side. Show off your favorite focal point and accents by turning the lights on them. With our experts and professionals specializing in landscape lighting, we will give the right balance and blend. Overdoing the lights will only ruin the elegance. Instead of relaxing night time sightseeing, it will turn sour due to excessive bright lights.

Choosing the right features and the right accents to spotlight is essential for a successful pool landscape light display. If you want to set a festive mood, a series of water lights under the pool will accomplish such a goal. For a more visually entertaining effect, use colorful fiber lights and let them dance as they reflect on water.

When it comes to lighting, Go Green Landscaping’s aim is to turn both any pool landscape design in Burlington, Milton, Oakville, Georgetown and Campbellville Ontario into a hotspot for the night. Give yourself and your guests a visual treat unlike no other. Turn the lights on and let the night time beauty of your pool landscape shine and reflect through the still waters.

Call us today at (519) 853- 2210 to book a free consultation!

Pool Landscaping

Swimming pool landscapingin Oakville Ontraio, Burlington Ontario and other neighboring towns is one of the services offered by Go Green Landscaping.  A team of experts constantly work with a wide variety of remodeling and designing projects from backyard pools to patio and deck customization. Old and boring poolside view is transformed into a luxurious social spot adding beauty and value. 

Whether it’s for a small residential pool or a commercial landscaping, we offer a wide variety of designs covering plant choices and hardscape structures while improving on safety features. Swimming pools has always been a sweet spot for any property. It’s a social centerpiece that offers great landscaping opportunities and variations from water features, lighting and softscaping. Hardscape focal points and accents can be integrated with ease without disrupting the original design, only making it better and more defined.

Get inspired with our custom and personalized swimming pool landscaping projects in Georgetown Ontario. Go Green Landscaping offers a wide selection of nature-inspired and modern designs to sophisticated and luxurious looks. Also try some inspirational remodeling plans for in-ground and backyard pools. It’s a chance to revitalize an old deck or revamp the patio to add color and dimension to the poolside area.

Use decorative concrete to pave the pool deck and match it with the current exterior of the house. Currently a popular trend in outdoor design, concrete landscaping has achieved a nice balance of color, texture and functionality. Safety is improved especially for children through its slip-resistant properties. Take advantage of the views and the environment by integrating accents, plants and other related materials that will complement the overall landscape design.Choose from some of the eye-catching hardscape features of stamped concrete, pavers and even a combination of these materials to create different looks incorporating your own personal touch.

Pool Landscaping with Go Green Landscaping also offers design ideas that meet a specific function. Sturdy and leafy tall trees in Milton Ontario can be added to the design to offer shades during summer time. Ornamental grass or flowering plants can be inserted somewhere near the pool to add color and a natural feel to the poolside environment.

If you want to add a vertical dimension to a backyard pool’s shape, try adding a pergola or trellises. These hardscape structures will not only provide shade and a vertical height but it also improves privacy in the process. Wooden furniture such as raised beds, chairs and a center table in the pool deck area is a nice touch further giving the area a very relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

As for lighting, Go Green Landscaping can install one idealfor night swimming purposes. Make the view more dramatic and magical with colorful lights that show off your pool as well as some of the landscape structures. Level up the mood with underwater lighting and effects.

Because swimming pools, whether residential or commercial, are flexible social spots, design ideas are endless. It’s all a matter of knowing what you want from plant choices to functionality and aesthetic value. Whether it’s a small scale remodeling task or a pool landscaping plan from scratch, Go Green Landscaping has all kinds of cutting edge ideas for suburban towns like Campbellville Ontario, Burlington Ontario and more.

Spring Lawn and Garden Maintenance

In early spring it is essential for homeowners, business owners and avid gardeners to begin to prepare their lawns and gardens for the summer ahead.  Go Green Landscaping provides essential spring maintenance tips, advice and service to ensure your property looks great all summer long.  Spring garden preparation should include:

  • defining the garden beds
  • cleaning up winter debris
  • pruning
  • mulching
  • overseeding
  • fertilizing

Proper spring lawn and garden maintenance is extremely important as will create a manageable garden that is easy to maintain throughout the hot summer months.

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