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Milton Ontario is a community with an eclectic mix of properties from our huge new developments in new Milton to century home properties in Olde Milton. When looking for a landscape contractor in Milton, whether for a residential or commercial landscaping job, it's important to choose a company with both expertise and experience. Go Green Landscaping is an experienced landscape contractor with an excellent knowledge of the Milton community.

What is Landscape Contracting?

Landscaping companies typically offer contracting services that are wide ranging and that vary depending on application. Defined it is "A profession that involves the art and technology of landscape and garden project planning, construction and landscape management, and maintenance and gardening; for garden aesthetics, human enjoyment and safety, and ecosystem-plant community sustainability." When it comes to landscape contracting, Go Green Landscaping has a wide range of contracting services that will allow our clients to create the perfect landscape architecture for their property. Whether it’s a residential landscaping makeover or a big scale commercial landscaping project, we have the right tools, knowledge and a team of well-trained and successful landscapers for you.

Our work in the industry has been primarily focused on creating designs that enhance beauty, add value and promotes a healthy outdoor lifestyle. We are in the business of transforming Milton Ontario landscaping properties, one at a time, into a haven of artistic balance and functionality. We offer years of valuable experience and a work portfolio that represents our pursuit of excellence, extraordinary craftsmanship and above all, our commitment to produce classic landscape designs that endure the test of time.

Our landscape contracting services combine hardscape structures and naturalistic elements to create backyard gardens and front yard spaces into a product of lasting beauty. Choosing the right plants and proper placement are performed with expertise referring to a large resource collection that examines each plant according to its suitability to the town’s climate, soil condition and its growth properties. Combining the right species is just as important for the success of the project.

Our services for Milton Ontario landscape contracting cover seasonal landscaping, landscape design, consulting and regular property maintenance. As part of our pursuit to produce sustainable designs, correct and careful maintenance is an essential aspect of the master plan. We have designs that require low maintenance and some garden landscapes require extensive care throughout the years. Depending on your preference and needs, we can custom design a backyard garden that requires less effort from you while avid gardeners can continue their love for foliage and plants with elaborate and complicated landscapes.

For commercial landscaping in Milton, services for property maintenance include lawn care all year round usually covering weed and pest control, fertilizer application and seasonal mulching if necessary. We partner with our clients from start to end. We begin with drafting the design and creating a definite plan from rough sketches. Each project continues to progress in stages always making sure that quality is never compromised along the way. That’s how we care and assist our clients. It is a long term relationship that starts from planning moving forward to property maintenance to ensure customer satisfaction because we want you to get what you paid for.

Spring Lawn and Garden Maintenance

In early spring it is essential for homeowners, business owners and avid gardeners to begin to prepare their lawns and gardens for the summer ahead.  Go Green Landscaping provides essential spring maintenance tips, advice and service to ensure your property looks great all summer long.  Spring garden preparation should include:

  • defining the garden beds
  • cleaning up winter debris
  • pruning
  • mulching
  • overseeding
  • fertilizing

Proper spring lawn and garden maintenance is extremely important as will create a manageable garden that is easy to maintain throughout the hot summer months.

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