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Enhancing and transforming one property at a time to improve value and enhance your property is one of the goals that characterize some of the most stunning Milton Ontario Landscaping projects we have completed. If you're looking for Milton Landscape Companies Go Green Landscaping is proud and excited to be a leader in creating features, custom designs and innovations that promote outdoor living and uses the bounty of nature for inspiration.

As a small landscape company we work one-on-one with our clients as each project progresses in stages.  Working closely with property owners in Milton Ontario allows us to ensure that each project is infused with quality and a distinctive character setting it apart from the typical and ordinary landscaping designs. The results are stunning properties that draw families to enjoy the outdoors while having fun and soaking in the fresh and natural beauty of the environment. Our Commercial landscaping comes from inspiration that utilizes nature to create green living and an outdoor environment that will enhance the look and beauty of your business.

Go Green Landscaping takes joy in beautifying Milton properties through a strong sense of creativity and excellent workmanship. Our commitment is to design landscapes that showcase the wonderful culture and lifestyle of the town and overlaying it with softscaping approaches that connect people to the joys of outdoor living. Choosing plants has become an art in itself from tall trees that offer shades to perennial borders and evergreen patterns. The right place with the right placement has become one of the focal points when designing for Milton Ontario landscaping properties.

As a Milton Landscaping company our designs are all products of thorough planning, property assessment and friendly collaboration with owners. Detailed criteria and features are added according to your wants and needs. Water features such as ponds, waterfalls and fountains are incorporated gracefully. Hardscape structures are balanced with the softness of nature using plants as the focal points and accents. Our commitment to personal service has allowed us to master the art of selecting the right plants for your particular design.

With outdoor living increasingly becoming more popular we continue to strive to meet our clients needs by providing amazing and stunning outdoor creations such as pool landscaping enhancements, backyard updates and garden landscape ideas. The key is to design from nature and use materials that promote a natural feel and a fresh ambiance. Whether it’s quarried stone and rock formations or a garden pond free of chlorine, the design should represent a harmony between the materials used and its surroundings.

As a representation of our commitment to green living, we focus our designs on creating a landscape that looks as natural as possible. We work with nature by inserting as much plants into the plan. Tall trees are blended with shrubs, perennials and colors are added using flowers, ornamentals and much more. Stone walls and concrete pathways are softened with a generous dose of plants resulting to a more relaxing and inviting gateway to the property.

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Spring Lawn and Garden Maintenance

In early spring it is essential for homeowners, business owners and avid gardeners to begin to prepare their lawns and gardens for the summer ahead.  Go Green Landscaping provides essential spring maintenance tips, advice and service to ensure your property looks great all summer long.  Spring garden preparation should include:

  • defining the garden beds
  • cleaning up winter debris
  • pruning
  • mulching
  • overseeding
  • fertilizing

Proper spring lawn and garden maintenance is extremely important as will create a manageable garden that is easy to maintain throughout the hot summer months.

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