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Go Green Landscaping offers years of experience in landscape design with a focus on enhancing residential and commercial properties throughout Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Georgetown and Campbellville Ontario. Whether it’s a simple modification or an elaborate project, we will create a detailed master plan to achieve your ultimate goal. Our team of experts will work with you in a collaborative fashion to integrate personal objectives into the design.

A well-thought out master plan is the key to a successful landscape design, perfectly blending the right elements of art and nature with an overlay of culture, culminating into a unique visual masterpiece. This is where great designs start, a definite basis that directs how every project moves toward a satisfying completion.

Go Green Landscaping understands the importance of such a plan.  With Go Green every project is a product of thorough analysis considering factors such as lay of the land, size of the area, culture, geographical context and uses among others. Whether you’re in Oakville Ontario, Milton Ontario or Georgetown Ontario, our designs will fit right into specific locations, landscapes and region.

The process of landscape design starts with a concept that later on expands to a detailed and intricate integration of special elements. A water feature may be added as a focal point. It can be a backyard waterfall, a garden pond or perhaps a simple but unique fountain embellishment. Also covered in the process is a property-wide hardscaping construction including  walkways, patios and driveways.  In addition, professional and strategic placement of garden beds and a wide variety of plants which may include trees, shrubs, perennials and ornamental pieces. We will go as far as help you choose specific plants that will complement the landscape perfectly.

Every design’s character and quality is defined according to your specific needs. On-site consultations are carried out by our experts to obtain an overview of your property and a needs assessment.  All plans have an ultimate goal of differentiating one plan from other projects thus giving it a personality of its own. Each project is marked with a distinction that boasts of extraordinary craftsmanship and a genius landscape design separating it from the ordinary.

Originality and uniqueness are created with custom-made wood-working, a huge selection of design patterns, rare flagstones and water feature options for customers to choose from. There is always a balance of aesthetics and function in every design. Whether it’s a residential makeover or a commercial improvement, Go Green Landscaping will the task careful attention to every detail. Each part and detail meets a certain goal and represents a specific purpose and this is how we hope to satisfy every valuable client. 

Our dedication to achieve the highest quality of landscape design is evident in every project. Past projects have shown that we are doing what we do best. Go Green Landscaping is capable of offering you the best in landscape design including, but not limited to, professional consults, hardscaping options, lighting, and pool landscaping and property maintenance for both residential and commercial properties.

We service all of Southern Ontario including Milton, Georgetown, Oakville, Burlington and Campbellville Ontario.

Spring Lawn and Garden Maintenance

In early spring it is essential for homeowners, business owners and avid gardeners to begin to prepare their lawns and gardens for the summer ahead.  Go Green Landscaping provides essential spring maintenance tips, advice and service to ensure your property looks great all summer long.  Spring garden preparation should include:

  • defining the garden beds
  • cleaning up winter debris
  • pruning
  • mulching
  • overseeding
  • fertilizing

Proper spring lawn and garden maintenance is extremely important as will create a manageable garden that is easy to maintain throughout the hot summer months.

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