One of Go Green Landscaping’s specialties includes effective and creative use of inanimate components of a landscape design. This is also referred to as hardscaping. Designs that feature stone walls, brick patios, amour stone, wooden decks and pergolas are all considered elements of hardscape.  Any non-living component of a design falls under the hardscape category.

Looking through the lens of an aesthetic perspective, this method allows commercial and residential property owners in Oakville, Georgetown, Milton, Burlington and Campbellville Ontario to erect typical and small scale landscaping features which may include artificial fountains, ponds and waterfalls. A wide variety of ideas are available whether you intend it as an attractive accent or as the focal point of the entire landscape design.

Requiring little and occasional maintenance, hardscape structures are a great addition to any landscape scenario can even add value to the property. Hardscaping approaches are both functional and creative with an ultimate goal of enhancing the visual appeal of backyard and front yard landscapes.

Ornate benches and gazebos can be added to a commercial property to provide functionality while at the same time adding a sense of beauty to your space. Instead of shrubs for hedges, stone walls and bricks are great alternatives to provide privacy to any properties. Well crafted wooden fences and solid rock walls can also serve as wind barriers. Pathways, walkways and patios can be transformed into a very artwork with the use of bricks and concrete.

Go Green Landscaping uses a wide variety of materials, patterns and designs that can fit in any suburban household and outdoor properties in Georgetown Ontario. Whether it’s for something formal, informal, classic or modern, the options are plentiful giving way to a highly customized and personalized hardscape designs.

Decorative concrete materials may also be used in hardscaping especially for pool decks, patios and pathway projects. Plain and boring slabs are turned into essential landscape elements by staining, stamping and embedding of other materials such as pebbles. It even promotes safety because of its texture as compared to typical smooth finish.

Go Green Landscaping offers endless possibilities and ideas for any hardscape projects. It can be as simple as installing pavers on your backyard or as complex as creating a customized and intricate woodwork for outdoor decks.  Flagstones or natural stones are excellent for courtyards and patios where it projects a rustic look and impression. The bumps, ridges and irregularities of this material offer more room for creativity. With varying sizes and widths, using flagstones creates a natural variety of geometric shapes that’s always an interesting part of any hardscape structures.

Through the right injection of artistry and expert planning, Go Green Landscaping is able to enhance the value of both residential and commercial properties throughout Southern Ontario including Campbellville Ontario, Geogetown Ontario, Oakville Ontario, Milton Ontairo and Burlington Ontario. All of our projects are created with distinction in terms of original designs and customization options through numerous hardscaping ideas. Adding an accent to an existing landscape design is easy with inanimate objects and structures. Creating structures from scratch is also made possible with a wide selection of materials from bricks to flagstones and woods.

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Spring Lawn and Garden Maintenance

In early spring it is essential for homeowners, business owners and avid gardeners to begin to prepare their lawns and gardens for the summer ahead.  Go Green Landscaping provides essential spring maintenance tips, advice and service to ensure your property looks great all summer long.  Spring garden preparation should include:

  • defining the garden beds
  • cleaning up winter debris
  • pruning
  • mulching
  • overseeding
  • fertilizing

Proper spring lawn and garden maintenance is extremely important as will create a manageable garden that is easy to maintain throughout the hot summer months.

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