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Night time is a completely different world for pool landscapes. At Go Green Landscaping we know that proper lighting and correct placement can evoke a dramatic effect or a romantic atmosphere.   Beautifully lit poolside views and a soothing sight of the still, peaceful water will easily enhance your pool at night. Adding light is not only meant to create a more stunning version of a cutting edge pool design but it serves a very important purpose. Lights around the pool and along the pathways will make sure that guests see where they’re going.

Explore the many ways of how to effectively use lighting techniques with Go Green Landscaping. One of our focuses is to provide additional aesthetic value to commercial pool landscapes in Oaksville Ontario and other neighboring towns. Residential homeowners with backyard pools in Georgetown Ontario can also take advantage of lighting techniques to spotlight a favorite water feature or an ornamental plant.

Adding poolside lights on the patio or deck will create dramatic shadows and eye-catching reflections consequently enhancing the pool landscape at night. Spotlighting the waterfall also provides a beautiful shining effect on the gliding water and the rock formation. There are so many possibilities to create with pool landscaping lighting.

Go Green Landscaping uses night lighting to further enhance the beauty and elegance of custom swimming pool landscapes Milton Ontario. Choose from LED lights or fiber optics to illuminate unique poolside designs while transforming a private oasis into a stunning and entertaining light display. Installing underwater fiber optic lights scattered on swimming pool floors will create a majestic effect at night where lights become like stars as it reflects into the water and the dark night skies. 

Only with pool landscaping lighting can you create spectacular effects at night. Go Green Landscaping offers variations with installing poolside lights. Choosing its placement properly is the key to achieve the desire effect that you want to achieve. Whether you want to on a water feature or cascading water from the water wall, we know how to professionally install the lights. 

Use exterior lights to light up the patio, the pool deck or the rock formation on the side. Show off your favorite focal point and accents by turning the lights on them. With our experts and professionals specializing in landscape lighting, we will give the right balance and blend. Overdoing the lights will only ruin the elegance. Instead of relaxing night time sightseeing, it will turn sour due to excessive bright lights.

Choosing the right features and the right accents to spotlight is essential for a successful pool landscape light display. If you want to set a festive mood, a series of water lights under the pool will accomplish such a goal. For a more visually entertaining effect, use colorful fiber lights and let them dance as they reflect on water.

When it comes to lighting, Go Green Landscaping’s aim is to turn both any pool landscape design in Burlington, Milton, Oakville, Georgetown and Campbellville Ontario into a hotspot for the night. Give yourself and your guests a visual treat unlike no other. Turn the lights on and let the night time beauty of your pool landscape shine and reflect through the still waters.

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Spring Lawn and Garden Maintenance

In early spring it is essential for homeowners, business owners and avid gardeners to begin to prepare their lawns and gardens for the summer ahead.  Go Green Landscaping provides essential spring maintenance tips, advice and service to ensure your property looks great all summer long.  Spring garden preparation should include:

  • defining the garden beds
  • cleaning up winter debris
  • pruning
  • mulching
  • overseeding
  • fertilizing

Proper spring lawn and garden maintenance is extremely important as will create a manageable garden that is easy to maintain throughout the hot summer months.

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