Georgetown Ontario Landscaping

When it comes to landscape design and property maintenance, Go Green Landscaping has a wide range of services for residents and business owners in Georgetown Ontario. Whether it’s a residential landscaping makeover or a big scale commercial landscaping project, we have the right tools, knowledge and a team of well-trained and successful landscapers for you.  As a Georgetown Landscape Company we will ensure your are 100% satisfied with our service and the resulting finished product.

Our work in the industry has been primarily focused on creating designs that enhance beauty and add value while creating the perfect outdoor living space. As a Georgetown ON landscape company we are proud to have created some of the most beautiful property transformations in Georgetown!  Go Green Landscaping comes to the table with years of valuable experience and a work portfolio that represents our pursuit of excellence, extraordinary craftsmanship and above all, our commitment to produce classic landscape designs that endure the test of time.

Our landscape approaches combine hardscape structures and naturalistic elements to create backyard gardens and front yard spaces that provide lasting beauty. Choosing the right plants and proper placement are performed with expertise referring to a large resource collection that examines each plant according to its suitability to the town’s climate, soil condition and its growth properties. Combining the right species is just as important for the success of the project.

If you are looking for pockets and bursts of colors in your garden, Go Green Landscaping will expertly arrange ornamental and flower plants that blossom into a beautiful and dramatic display that is visually stunning. Careful arrangement and the proper use of annuals that will bloom every year, make a big statement ultimately making a huge difference for your property.  Homeowners with limited spaces need not worry as we know how to work around even with the smallest spaces complementing an expanse of green foliage with traditional water features as accent or centerpiece. Beyond the backyard and garden landscapes, our expertise also extends to creating commercial designs that showcase a magnificent combination of appeal, value and aesthetics.

Our services as a Georgetown Ontario landscape contractor also cover seasonal and regular property maintenance.  As part of our pursuit to produce sustainable designs, correct and careful maintenance is an essential aspect of the master plan. We have designs that require low maintenance and some garden landscapes require extensive care throughout the year. Depending on your preference and needs, we can custom design a backyard garden that requires less effort from you while avid gardeners can continue their love for foliage and plants with elaborate and complicated landscapes.

For commercial landscaping, services for property maintenance include lawn care all year round usually covering weed and pest control, fertilizer application and seasonal mulching. We partner with our clients from start to end. We begin with drafting the design and creating a definite plan from rough sketches. Each project continues to progress in stages always making sure that quality is never compromised along the way. That’s how we care and assist our clients. It is a long term relationship that starts from planning moving forward to property maintenance to ensure customer satisfaction because we want you to get what you paid for.

Campbellville Ontario Landscaping

Go Green Landscaping is a leader in creating landscaping designs that promote outdoor living. Commercial landscaping has experienced major transformations and makeovers that resulted to a more balanced look with structures, colors and plants complementing with one another in a phenomenal visual extravaganza. Planning is more detailed and intense with a network of experts working closely with clients to come up with compelling and spectacular designs for Campbellville Ontario landscaping properties.

Expert consultations are not limited to an office meeting based on appointment. Instead, our team does an on-site visit to visualize the entirety of the property. Getting inspiration from nature and from your ideas, the landscape plan will gradually developed into a comprehensive project tackling key points that will bring out the best in your property.

For families who want to extend their lifestyle into their landscape and outdoor space, we have a collection of outdoor landscaping styles and themes that will benefit your pool area, garden, backyard and front yard. Even the walkways experience makeovers to achieve a nice balance of artistic construction and natural beauty. There are numerous ways that can be done to revamp your pool landscape into a hotspot for social gatherings. Adding woodworks, furniture and even roofed pergolas is a great way to induce a social ambiance. Transform the backyard garden into a colorful assortment of flowers and plants that encourages fresh air. There are no limits to what you can do to enhance the beauty of a property.

Using the right strategies and designing techniques, Campbellville Ontario landscaping will reach a point where some of the best designs are found in town. It’s all a matter of tuning in to emerging lifestyles and overlaying it with the town’s culture. Instead of families driving out of town to experience the job of outdoor recreations, it can be done at home. The key lies in properly transforming the property into a private and cozy living space that extends to the different parts of the house. Leisure spots can be integrated in entire designcreating a perfect area to relax and distress.

Our expertise and experience will help any residential landscapes in the area to make room for a living space that enhances nature while extending family living to the outside world. Some of our strategies involve pool landscaping renovations that includes a relaxing poolside space where family and guests can gather while enjoying the softscaping features surrounding the pool. 

Commercial landscaping properties can entrust their projects with us and Go Green Landscaping will ensure that careful enhancements will be completed with perfection as a threshold. Careful and extensive property maintenance including lawn care, weed control, pest control and application of fertilizer are employed based on a thorough analysis of the property with the ultimate goal of achieving a sustainable and long lasting appeal.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial property owner in Campbellville Ontario, we have a suitable service for your needs, tastes and budget. It could be a complete property overhaul, a minor renovation or makeover, our professional landscapers are trained and skilled to offer you the best work possible.

Burlington Ontario Landscaping

Go Green Landscaping's work on Burlington Ontario landscaping properties have provided our clients with innovative and distinctive landscaping designs for over 20 years. We know that a create residential landscape project can transform a dull and boring entryway into a visual treat of colors, lush foliage patterns and modern concrete designs including patios and pathways. Local Burlington businesses have also experienced the benefits of professional commercial landscaping that not only enhanced the property’s appeal but ultimately added value to the property.

Considering the location, culture and lifestyle, designers at Go Green Landscaping strategically focus on how to produce and construct original plans that will fit right into the heart of the city. Burlington lies between the north shore of Lake Ontario and Niagara Escarpment and is a wonderful spot due to its close proximity to the geographic center of the Golden Horseshoe.   Home to a diverse population of over 175,000 people Burlington has a need for unique but relevant landscaping designs with properties that fetch some of the highest prices in Ontario.

Our step by step planning process is always centered on tailoring every commercial landscape and residential redesigning to meet the needs of the owner. The process begins with a professional consult offering expert advice while drafting a plan that will keep the vision of the dream landscaping design intact and on paper.

Whether it’s for beauty or for function, Go Green Landscaping knows the importance of paying attention to details. No matter if big or small, one detail can dramatically make a huge difference that can increase the curb appeal of your Burlington Ontario landscaping design.

Our services are wide and varied from complete pool landscaping overhaul to redesigning of residential gardens and updating of a commercial property’s front yard. Hardscape structures create unique stone works that may incorporate water features and intricate woodwork masterpieces. A complete softscaping plan for the entire property is also offered where choosing plants is an essential aspect of the plan. Whether it’s a simple residential update or a large scale commercial property project, we have the experience, knowledge and a team of talented professionals to ensure that the landscape design will be completed based on the highest of standards.

Our work does not stop as soon as the project is completed. We recognize that a beautifully designed landscape requires continuous attention and care. Go Green Landscaping offers a wide range of property maintenance services which include seasonal clean-ups, on-going lawn care and customized maintenance programs for both residential and commercial Burlington Ontario landscaping properties.

Go Green Landscaping has a commitment to long-term relationships with our clients.  If you require more information on Burlington Ontario Landscaping please give us a call at (519) 853- 2210.

Milton Ontario Landscaping

Enhancing and transforming one property at a time to improve value and enhance your property is one of the goals that characterize some of the most stunning Milton Ontario Landscaping projects we have completed. If you're looking for Milton Landscape Companies Go Green Landscaping is proud and excited to be a leader in creating features, custom designs and innovations that promote outdoor living and uses the bounty of nature for inspiration.

As a small landscape company we work one-on-one with our clients as each project progresses in stages.  Working closely with property owners in Milton Ontario allows us to ensure that each project is infused with quality and a distinctive character setting it apart from the typical and ordinary landscaping designs. The results are stunning properties that draw families to enjoy the outdoors while having fun and soaking in the fresh and natural beauty of the environment. Our Commercial landscaping comes from inspiration that utilizes nature to create green living and an outdoor environment that will enhance the look and beauty of your business.

Go Green Landscaping takes joy in beautifying Milton properties through a strong sense of creativity and excellent workmanship. Our commitment is to design landscapes that showcase the wonderful culture and lifestyle of the town and overlaying it with softscaping approaches that connect people to the joys of outdoor living. Choosing plants has become an art in itself from tall trees that offer shades to perennial borders and evergreen patterns. The right place with the right placement has become one of the focal points when designing for Milton Ontario landscaping properties.

As a Milton Landscaping company our designs are all products of thorough planning, property assessment and friendly collaboration with owners. Detailed criteria and features are added according to your wants and needs. Water features such as ponds, waterfalls and fountains are incorporated gracefully. Hardscape structures are balanced with the softness of nature using plants as the focal points and accents. Our commitment to personal service has allowed us to master the art of selecting the right plants for your particular design.

With outdoor living increasingly becoming more popular we continue to strive to meet our clients needs by providing amazing and stunning outdoor creations such as pool landscaping enhancements, backyard updates and garden landscape ideas. The key is to design from nature and use materials that promote a natural feel and a fresh ambiance. Whether it’s quarried stone and rock formations or a garden pond free of chlorine, the design should represent a harmony between the materials used and its surroundings.

As a representation of our commitment to green living, we focus our designs on creating a landscape that looks as natural as possible. We work with nature by inserting as much plants into the plan. Tall trees are blended with shrubs, perennials and colors are added using flowers, ornamentals and much more. Stone walls and concrete pathways are softened with a generous dose of plants resulting to a more relaxing and inviting gateway to the property.

If you're looking for a landscape company in Milton give us a call at (519) 853-2210 for a free quote!


Oakville Ontario Landscaping

Go Green Landscaping services clients throughout Oakville Ontario. As Oakville is increasingly growing in diversity and range of services, the need for cutting edge and distinctive residential and commercial landscaping designs has also grown tremendously. A Southern suburban town located in Halton Region, Oakville is wonderfully situated near Lake Ontario providing a heat sink for the local homeowners and endless possibilities for landscape design.

Continuing our commitment to excellence and pursuit of customer satisfaction, understanding the microclimate in Oakville has been one of our main focuses. Knowing that the lake helps regulate the temperatures in the area, Go Green Landscaping understands the unique conditions that require special attention when considering landscape option.  We have thus created a wide selection of resources that promote gardening and impressive softscaping approaches for both the local homeowners and businesses.

For avid gardeners and hobbyists, Oakville Ontario landscaping is a paradise of gardening possibilities. With the town’s highly favorable local climate, a wide variety of plant species can be incorporated to any landscape design. Whether you want to start a project from scratch or you simply want to inject some freshness to your current garden landscape, we are here to assist you transform ideas into realities. Making use of well-crafted water features as centerpieces and focal points will get attention. Filling the front yard with luscious and healthy evergreens will further enhance the natural beauty of the landscape. Paving the walkways and the patios with modern and decorative concrete will create a more welcoming ambiance.

Whatever style or theme you desire for your home, Go Green Landscaping has a team of creative landscapers to draw a plan that will allow your Oakville residential landscape to reach its full potential. It’s all about blending the right elements of color, function and art. A balanced and a well-maintained property is the key to a sustainable and a lovely abode.

Go Green provides the experience of over 20 years serving residents of Oakville and surrounding areas.  We offer you years of hands-on experience focused and centered on giving character and stunning appeal to all our Oakville Ontario landscaping projects. We strive serve our clients through incorporation of their desires with proper landscape services and design. In this way, the final output is not some random or typical landscaping design rather one that you can be proud of with distinct qualities not seen in other gardens. Our ultimate goal is to provide a distinctive quality to your home adding value and a lasting appeal in the process.

With consideration for budget, residential property and desires, you can choose from our large collection of landscaping styles and ideas. If you’re after an extensive garden, we’ll help you in choosing plants that will fit perfectly into the micro plan. If you’re not into gardening, we’ll design one that requires minimal property maintenance. Whether it’s something modern, traditional, eclectic or luxurious, our extensive experience in the industry has given us a rich knowledge base of what’s best and sustainable in Oakville Ontario landscaping. 

Go Green Landscaping will make sure that you’ll get everything that you want. We offer consultation services with our experts to provide our clients a favorable venue where collaboration starts. More often than not, stunning landscapes start with bright ideas and thorough planning. Call us today at (519) 853- 2210 for more information.

Spring Lawn and Garden Maintenance

In early spring it is essential for homeowners, business owners and avid gardeners to begin to prepare their lawns and gardens for the summer ahead.  Go Green Landscaping provides essential spring maintenance tips, advice and service to ensure your property looks great all summer long.  Spring garden preparation should include:

  • defining the garden beds
  • cleaning up winter debris
  • pruning
  • mulching
  • overseeding
  • fertilizing

Proper spring lawn and garden maintenance is extremely important as will create a manageable garden that is easy to maintain throughout the hot summer months.

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